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The White Spot

    Title The White Spot
    Year 2018
    Location Bologna (Italy) / London (UK)
    Audio Agnese Banti
    Video Chiara Sgatti
    Duration 07’00”
    Genre experimental / animation / short film

    “What is death? What happens when others face death on our behalf, what happens when we die, what happens when we live. A young woman is facing her first loss, and she desperately tries to understand what is means when someone ceases to exist, what she is supposed to do, to feel, how she is suppose to live from now on.”

    Audio specs stereo, surround 5.1
    Video specs 2D
    Realized within an academic activity: Royal College of Art (London) and Conservatorio G.B. Martini (Bologna)
    Screened at Cinélectro, Lyon (2017, preview) RCA London (2017 preview e 2018), Martini Elettrico (2018), Raindance Film Fest (2018), Cork Film Fest (2018), Lago Film Fest (2018), London Live Film Festival (2019), Bologna Sound @ I Cortili di AGO (2019), Teatri di Vetro / Elettr@suoni, Roma (2019), DMU University, Leicester (2020)
    Web references behance.net/thewhitespot