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Project description

Audiovision is a theoretical creation by the French composer Michel Chion (Créteil, 1947) and is one of the most interesting theories regarding the relationship between sounds and images: every time we are faced with a product composed of sounds and images, we do not see it; instead, we audio-see it, because the general understanding of that product is inextricably linked to our perception of the relationships between the visual plane and the sound plane.

Within electro-acoustic audiovisuals, the rules for the relationships between sound or music and images have no differences with those for conventional audiovisuals; they are just more abundant because they involve an extension of the many characteristics that are typical of the electroacoustic language of moving images. Just as electro-acoustic music has expanded the boundaries of the world of sound, allowing the creative use of any type of material, in “electric audiovisuals” there is not just a physical extension of visual and sound events, but also ways in which these two things combine, interact, and exchange meanings.

Lᴇʟɪᴏ Cᴀᴍɪʟʟᴇʀɪ

audiovisionielettriche.it is a web portal by Tempo Reale, dedicated since April 2021 to the electro-acoustic audiovisual production which reflects on the themes of linguistic research and sound experimentation. This constantly updated platform is mainly intended for hosting recent works signed by (not only) young artists from the Italian and international scene. An open virtual space with no barriers, also mediated by the tireless work of many Electronic Music Schools of Italian conservatories which, for several years, have been the par excellence laboratories of audiovisual production.

Conception: Francesco Giomi
Curation: Agnese Banti
Web development: Mario Carovani

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