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Residuo Del Deserto

Title Residuo Del Deserto
Year 2021
Location Roma, Italy
Audio Francesca Fabrizi
Video Francesca Fabrizi
Duration 07’43”
Genre video art

“A desert is a harbor, it is a deep land that unveils water. Among its ever-shifting dunes, one finds the continuous growth of the sea’s waves. Residuo del deserto is everything that lasts through its dryness, everything that understands it as porosity, moving through its interstices. “

Audio specs stereo
Video specs HD
Realized within both an independent and an academic activity (CREA)
Screened at ArteScienza Festival (Rome), July 2021 Ribalta Experimental Film Festival (Vignola), March 2022
Web references filmfreeway.com/FrancescaFabrizi