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Rather Than Fall

    Title Rather Than Fall
    Year 2021
    Location Perugia (Italy)
    Audio Riccardo Tesorini
    Video Edoardo Genzolini
    Duration 08’30”
    Genre found footage

    “Rips, sharp lacerations, erosions and burns. Fragments of film that go beyond space and time, in a non-linear, intermittent path. A call to the other side of the screen, which first casts the eye into the depths of the abyss to then make it re-emerge, gracefully floating in a world of ether. The image reveals itself instead of disappearing in what it makes us see, and the different linguistic systems explode into a thousand pieces uncovering unexpected connections between irreconcilable worlds, to the point of creating new immaterial auras. “

    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs HD
    Realized within an academic activity: Thesis Project (Conservatorio F. Morlacchi, Electronic Music and New Technologies)
    Screened at 28/05 Anamòrphosis Festival (Lecce), 10/07 Miraggi (Bologna), 15/07 Arte Scienza (Roma), 06/10 Premio Nazionale delle Arti (L’Aquila), 26/10 Acusmatiq (Ancona), 11/11 MA/IN Festival (Potenza)
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