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No More Lonely Nights

    Title No More Lonely Nights
    Year 2013
    Location Rome
    Audio Vincenzo Core, Fabio Scacchioli
    Video Fabio Scacchioli, Vincenzo Core
    Duration 20’55”
    Genre experimental, found footage

    “This film is an excavation experience among the forms of the fictional film. Emblem of cinema as an imitation of life, under his polished surface melodrama hides the restlessness of life itself. Starting from the cliché of the woman crying over a lost love, a journey begins in search of the background radiation of fiction cinema. One must lose himself infinitely, indefinitely, in a multitude of images, sounds, crystal universes on the brink of exploding in molecular landscapes and subatomic labyrinths. Beyond this point, image ceases to be representative, becoming pulsation, weaving fields of modulated tension, revealing the vibrations of the unseen, of the unshown, the murmur behind the images, that surpasses story and forms.”

    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs HD
    Realized within an independent artistic activity
    Screened at 31st Torino Film Festival – Italy, Special Jury Prize, 2013; 58th BFI London Film Festival, 2014; Stuttgarter Filmwinter – Germany, 2013; NEXT Film Festival – Bucharest, 2013, Romania; MashRome International Film Festival – Rome, Italy, Award for the Best Found Footage Film, 2013; MADATAC06 – Madrid, Spain, Best Video-Aural Interaction Award, 2014; Florida Experimental Film/Video Festival – USA, 2014
    Web references fabioscacchioli.jimdofree.com .vincenzocore.com