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Mist of numbers, Fog of words

    Title Mist of numbers, Fog of words
    Year 2021
    Location Milano, Italy
    Audio Chelidon Frame
    Video Chelidon Frame
    Duration 07’26”
    Genre Generative video / coding art

    “MIST OF NUMBERS, FOG OF WORDS is a drone track whose thick sounds are made from granular synthesis applied to various guitar sounds. The visuals are made from a Processing script that reacts to the frequencies and volume of the track, depicting an ever-evolving abstract figure.”

    The track was originally released by Tiny Drones For Lovers in its first release, “Selected Ambient Works From Italy” (2020). The reactive vidsuals and coding has been developed in 2021.
    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs HD
    Realized within an independent activity
    Screened at ‘UCR ARTS’ (University of California, Riverside) “Audiovisual Frontiers” project, a collection of contemporary audiovisual creations, and during the Open Art Festival 2021.
    Web references chelidonframe.site