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    Title m3
    Year 2021
    Location Torino
    Audio Marco Menditto
    Video Rebecca Moriondo & Omar Tomaino
    Duration 05’49”
    Genre short film

    “Something possible, otherwise I will suffocate”, Gilles Deleuze. Gilles Deleuze reminds us how much a dream is the engine of every action and action is the root for one’s happiness.But what happens when the generations in charge today leave no room for young people and their dreams?This sense of inability leads to more and more anxiety, lameness, a feeling of being oppressed with no way out. The work is a collaboration between a choreographer a videomaker and a composer.”

    Dancers: – Tommaso Bertasi – Lorena Cravero – Sofia Dadone – Giorgia Enrico – Elena Grimaldi – Petra Mangoua – Simone Orlandi – Isabella Presti – Vanessa Scavarda – Samanta Zisa Choreography: – Rebecca Moriondo
    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs 4K
    Realized within an independent artistic activity
    Screened at The video has been published on Youtube on 10/02/2021
    Web references instagram.com/futur_marco instagram.com/rebeccamoriondo