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Title Luar
Year 2020
Location Perugia, Italy
Audio Nicola Fumo Frattegiani
Video Nicola Fumo Frattegiani
Duration 09’32”
Genre Audiovisual composition

“LUAR is the inexorable descent of the man within himself. A fall towards the most hidden places of his soul where the protagonist struggles with the multiple representations of the self. The primordial conflict of every individual fragmented in a horde of identities. The poetic and the words of poet Fernando Pessoa accompany this descent towards never-ending subjectivity, through the labour of existence which, in its own way, finds a resolution. LUAR is a Portuguese word that means ‘moon light’, the quintessential nocturnal light, the one and only light amongst the shadows, which allows to see the hidden side, in which the inner epiphanies emerge in their splendour, and cruelty.”

Audio specs stereo
Video specs HD
Realized within an academic context (Conservatory of Music of Frosinone).
Screened at Festival ArteScienza, Rome – 2020
Web references nicolafumofrattegiani.com