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Losing Truth

    Title Losing Truth
    Year 2020
    Location Acuto, Italy
    Audio Losing Truth (aka Damiano Petrucci)
    Video Losing Truth (aka Damiano Petrucci)
    Duration 07’34”
    Genre Experimental Short Film, Video Art

    “Losing Truth is an original audiovisual work that constantly oscillates between reality and illusion. The impossibility of finding ourselves pushes us into a personal search path whose goal often ends up being questioned by what is strictly “true and rational”. Nonetheless, the key to the issue is always something deep, coming from the inside. Between memories and evocation of a world that no longer exists or has never existed, losing truth (meant as awareness of the human limits that prevent us from going beyond) seems the only way to get out of an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy and misunderstanding.”

    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs HD
    Realized within an academic context
    Screened at Antefestival – September 10, 11 2021 – Novellara (RE), Italy “Official Selection” – Festival ArteScienza – July 12 2021 – Roma, Italy “Official Selection” – Milan Gold Awards – November 26 2021 – Anteo Palazzo del Cinema di Milano, Italy “Best Student Film” “Best Cinematography” – KIMFF – August 2020 – Košice, Slovakia “Best Student Film” “Best Director Student Film” “Honorable Mention: Best Cinematography” “2nd Best First Time Director” – Hollywood Gold Awards – August 2020 – Los Angeles, USA “Best Picture” “Best Cinematography” – Florence Film Awards – August 2020 – Firenze, Italy “Best Student Film” “Honorable Mention: Cinematography” – Florence Film Awards – Annual Competition 2021 – Firenze, Italy “Honorable Mention: Best Student Film” – New York Movie Awards – August 2020 – New York, USA “Best Cinematography” “Honorable Mention: Experimental Film” – PIMFF – August 2020 – Prague, Czech Republic “Best Director Student Film” “2nd Best Student Film” – Vesuvius International Monthly Film Fest – October 2020 – Napoli, Italy “Best Cinematography” – International Film and Video Festival «Catharsis» – December 11 2020 – Russia “Semi-finalist” – Metropolis Film Festival – September 5 2021 – Milano, Italy “Official Selection” – Oudeis International Film Festival – December 11 2021 – Roma, Italy “Semi-Finalist”
    Web references losingtruth.com