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    Title Lightbending
    Year 2022
    Location Bari, Italy
    Audio Rossella Calella
    Video Rossella Calella
    Duration 10’00”

    “Technology is the magical and at the same time terrifying element that determines the role of man in the world, giving him the possibility to evolve and build but also to destroy himself. Light is a symbol of the control that, through technology, man is able to impose on natural elements, even the most ethereal and intangible ones, transforming them, bending them to his needs and using them for his purposes.”

    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs 4K
    Realized within an academic context at Conservatorio “Niccolò Piccinni” Bari
    Screened at Premio Nazionale delle Arti XVI, Conservatorio “Alfredo Casella”, L’Aquila, October 2022, Winner of the XVI National Prize of the Arts as original audiovideo work
    Web references soundcloud.com/rossella-calella-caramia