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La sorgente

Title La sorgente
Year 2020
Location Lanuvio (RM), Italy
Audio Tauro Venturini
Video Tauro Venturini
Duration 04’24”
Genre Audiovisual, generative computer graphics

“La Sorgente is an audiovisual composition, presented at ArteScienza festival at Goethe Institut Roma in 2020. The work expresses the desire to find a point of conjunction between the abstract materiality of geometric forms and the concrete materiality of human forms. Through algorithmic programming and electroacoustic elaborations the two worlds meet in another universe.”

Audio specs stereo
Video specs HD
Realized within an academic context (Conservatory of Music “L. Refice in Frosinone)
Screened at ArteScienza Festival in 2020 at Goethe Institut in Rome.
Web references nutao.xyz