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Kathodic Karma

    Title Kathodic Karma
    Year 2018
    Location Italy
    Audio Edwin Lucchesi
    Video Edwin Lucchesi
    Duration 07’29”

    “Kathodic Karma is an audiovisual work inspired by a Gianluca Lerici (alias Prof. Bad Trip) graphic novel work published in 1994. In this work i tried to represent the alienation of identity and culture of human being through the accumulation of technologies. Through a hypnagogic illusion gave by visuals i try to establish a thought connection with the upcoming post-human condition.”

    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs HD
    Realized within an independent artistic activity
    Screened at Diffrazioni, Firenze Multimedia Festival 2019 TRK. VIDEO, TRK. Sound Club, Tempo Reale 2019
    Web references edwinlucchesi.bandcamp.com/