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    Title Immagine
    Year 2020
    Location Rotterdam (The Nederlands) / Cuneo (Italy)
    Audio Simone Sims Longo
    Video Simone Sims Longo
    Duration 04’06”
    Genre visual music, video art

    “Immagine is a sound based video that explores the multiplicity of a memory as confused flashback. Sounds, time, space, the way as our mind groups, decode and order stimuli and store in remote memory. The images emerge from a past but are not organized in a chronological order, re-contextualized in a new world they lose their primordial meaning. The work is directly linked to the audio as “visual music concept”, the pictures used are recorded in Rotterdam by Cosenude Media Projects. The work was designed during a session of Music Through The Walls [MTTW Rotterdam], the sound takes some elements from.”

    Cosenude Media Projects – original footage
    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs HD
    Realized within an independent activity
    Screened at 4 September 2020 – SIIDS – Sound, Image and Interaction Design Symposium, Online Exhibition 23 September 2020 – Festival ArteScienza, Roma (IT) 25 September 2021 – Ibrida Festival – Forlì (IT) 6 November 2021 – EviMus Festival – Saarbrücken (DE)
    Web references simonesimslongo.com