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Il Suono Nascosto

Title Il Suono Nascosto
Year 2021
Location Pesaro (Italy)
Video Silvio Mancini
Duration 05’23”
Genre video art

“Il Suono Nascosto is an audiovisual piece by the electronic composer NEUNAU and the visual artist Silvio Mancini (otolab) produced by Umanesimo Artificiale that intends to celebrate the interaction between art, science and technology. The concept was to transform what is usually a tool to manufacture a piece of furniture into a musical instrument performing a piece of art. A unique audiovisual artwork where the music is a symphony composed entirely and only with sounds recorded from Biesse S.p.A. industrial machines. By using more than 30 microphones per machine engineered to record every single movement of the machines in action, the noise has been transformed into harmony and the artists let the machines sing!”

production: Umanesimo Artificiale – the project was commissioned by Biesse S.p.A. for his 50th anniversary
Audio specs stereo
Video specs HD
Realized within an independent artistic activity.
Screened at
Web references neunau.org behance.net/silviomancini