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I giorni sospesi

    Title I giorni sospesi
    Year 2017
    Location Taranto, Italy
    Audio Francesco Marchionna
    Video Francesco Marchionna
    Duration 09’05”
    Genre video art

    “There are periods in life when the real world turns into a nightmare from which escaping and the vision of a distant future becomes the only existential push. In this phase the time is suspended and the days, always the same, alternating moments of struggle to other of stasis in the need to continue the journey. The composition is born from this experience and is based on the use of piano samples, physical modeling synthesis and convolution techniques. It was realized in 2017 with Csound and Processing, through assisted composition techniques of Mathematica.”

    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs HD
    Realized within an academic activity: “Sin[x]Thésis”, Computer Music School, Conservatorio “Niccolò Piccinni”, Bari (Italy)
    Screened at Segnali 2018
    Web references youtube.com/c/FrancescoScagliola/videos