Year 2020
    Location Pachino, Italy
    Audio Sebastiano Trombatore (Eyevenear)
    Video Sebastiano Trombatore (Eyevenear)
    Duration 06’43”
    Genre short film

    “HYPER-GAMING is a kaleidoscopic portrait of what Action Video Games will be like in the next future. A first-person experience where you have total generative control over your surroundings, making you capable of experiencing heptic movement and extreme-detail interaction. We don’t know anything about the “player” in the video. We just know that he is having fun with the fight. But, even a near-perfect system has his flaws, and… The player, may find some troubles getting out.”

    Audio specs stereo 2.0
    Video specs 1080p, 50fps
    Realized within an independent and an academic activity at Conservatorio Licino Refice, Frosinone, Italy.
    Screened at
    Web references eyevenear.link/quickrecap