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Harmonia Mundi. A Digital Remix

Title Harmonia Mundi. A Digital Remix
Year 2011
Location Bari
Audio Valentino De Luca
Video Valentino De Luca
Duration 04’56”
Genre video art

“The work represents a possible meeting point between digital generative and processing audio-visual techniques and the universal human factor. The progressive metamorphic composition of the original material, wants to lead to a collective imaginary dimension, together with a deeply intimate feeling for each individual. The work is made by audio synthesis and sampling and video synthesis techniques, in particular through Csound for sound processing and Processing for image generation.”

Audio specs stereo
Video specs 720x576x24
Realized within Realized within an academic context: “Sin[x]Thésis”, Computer Music School, Conservatorio “Niccolò Piccinni”, Bari (Italy)
Screened at *Csound Conference, Hannover, 2011 *Multichannel Listening Library, Trondheim, 2011 *Segnali 2012, Perugia *Silence 2012, Lecce *Di_Stanze 2012, Catania *FIMU 2012, Belfort *LPM 2012, Roma *Ruid Al Sud, San Juan, 2015 *Audio_Visioni, Firenze, 2015
Web references youtube.com/ap