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Title Fracture
Year 2015
Location Battipaglia (Salerno) / Roma
Audio Anacleto Vitolo
Video Andrea Maioli
Duration 05’30”
Genre CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)

“The visuals made by Andrea Maioli of Kanaka project, explores the Fracture concept and creates dystopian scenario of a world in constant construction/destruction evolution. The intense exploitation of the natural resources, the consequences of a violent industrialization and its effects on the world becomes the images of the whole Maioli’s rapresentation, a perfect complement of the AV-K’s music, a continuous evolution of sounds and atmospheres, sometimes more aseptic and minimal, sometimes harder and enfolding.”

Mixed and Mastered at AV-K Studio
Audio specs stereo
Video specs 2D
Realized within an independent artistic activity
Screened at Tempo Reale Festival 2015, MiRA Festival Barcelona 2015
Web references kanakastudio.com anacletovitolo.com