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Dwell III

    Title Dwell III
    Year 2021
    Location Rimini, Santarcangelo (Italy)
    Audio Demetrio Cecchitelli
    Video Vladimir Bertozzi
    Duration 06’51”
    Genre video art, found footage

    “‘Dwell III’ is the third track of Demetrio Cecchitelli’s album “Dwell”, released on Dornwald Records in March 2021. “

    Released on Dornwald Records 2021.
    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs 4K
    Realized within an independent activity
    Screened at The video has been shared on IGTV and YouTube, on Dornwald Records’ channels and Demetrio Cecchitelli personal Instagram account.
    Web references Demetrio Cecchitelli Vladimir Bertozzi