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Cronografia di un corpo

    Title Cronografia di un corpo
    Year 2019
    Location Roma, Italy
    Audio Lorenzo Pandolfi
    Video Lorenzo Pandolfi
    Duration 06’25”
    Genre video art, screen dance

    “It is a sequence of “impossible dances”, designed by digital manipulations of time and body figures. The sounds interact with new figures and movements, often activating and often being activated by them, other times, instead, they develop on their own, creating moments of audiovisual counterpoint. “

    Arianna Serra – Dancer
    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs Full HD
    Realized within an academic context. Produced for a Bachelor Degree Dissertation during the course of Electronic Music – Conservatorio Licinio Refice di Frosinone.
    Screened at Jacksonville Dance Film Festival 2022 – USA (Florida) Festival ArteScienza 2020 – Rome CineDanza Festival 2021 – Modena (2° Prize Main + Winning Young Jury prize) Matera Intermedia 2021 – Lecce Ibrida Festival 2021 – Forlì Festival 99 Arts 2021 – Rome Anamorphosis Audiovisual Competition 2021 – Lecce (Winner) Nonantola Film Festival 2022 – Modena SuperCinema Estivo 2022 – Modena Biennale MarteLive Sezione VideoArte 2020 – Rome
    Web references facebook.com/Pandolfi.L