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    Title Catarsi
    Year 2020
    Location Bologna – Roma, Italy
    Audio Marco Melilli
    Video Fabio Novembrini
    Duration 02’10”

    “Catarsi is the liberation of the soul from the irrationality of passions. It is an internal battle, a body and mind transformation, which leads to the purification of the ego. The song is inspired by experimentation of some sound materials from the NASA website, the original recordings of the space expeditions of the last 10 years. Starting from these materials, the performance deals with the concepts of accumulation and contrast, relating both to the sound aspect and to the dance.”

    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs Full HD
    Realized within an academic activity at Conservatorio G. B. Martini di Bologna
    Screened at Veneto, BMotion Festival, 22/08/2022 / Bologna, Gender Bender Festival, 10/09/2020 / France, CIME/ICEM (International confederation of Electroacoustic Music), 26/09/2020, / Roma, Roma Europa Festival, 30/10/2020 / Greece, Helmca (Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association), 11/12/2020
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