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    Title Bardo
    Year 2021
    Location Italy, China, Tibet, Spain
    Audio Alessandro Di Maio
    Video Alessandro Di Maio
    Duration 10’00”
    Genre Video art, Experimental short film

    “Bardo in Tibetan means intermediate state, and indicates the condition of transition between two states. This film is a journey that reflects on the concepts of Life and Death, of Transition, of Life as a Dream, and of all the illusions that manifest in our lives. It is an invitation to connect with a deeper sense of understanding, found within the space between each sound and image.”

    Produced by Palzom Films, Edited by Alessandro Di Maio and Gianluca Conca, Director of Photography Andrea Reitano, International Distribution by Cattive Produzioni
    Audio specs stereo, 5.1
    Video specs HD
    Realized within an academic context. The early stage development was produced for my master degree in Audiovisual Composition at the Conservatory of Music Licinio Refice in Frosinone – later it has been refined more with the collaboration of a production company.
    Screened at World Premiere – 19th edition Signes de Nuit Film Festival – Paris – 2022: Vienna Indie Film Festival – Best Original Soundtrack – 2021: International Symbolic Art Film Festival (Russia): Best Experimental Film, Best Original Score, Best Poster – 2021: Druk International Film Festival (Bhutan): Best Sound Design, Best Original Score, Best film on Religion, Best debut Director – 2021: OTB Awards Film Festival (Miami – USA): Best Sound Design, Best Experimental Film, Best Editing – 2021: Diamond Eye Film Festival (Russia): Best Original Soundtrack The short film is being distributed internationally in film festivals until the beginning of 2023.
    Web references instagram.com/gdrdimaio/