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Archeologia di uno spazio nullo

    Title Archeologia di uno spazio nullo
    Year 2018
    Location Frosinone, Italy
    Audio Walter Corneli
    Video Walter Corneli
    Duration 07’45”
    Genre video art

    “Archeologia di Uno Spazio Nullo represents the author’s personal vision on Glitch Art. The audiovisual work consists of a continuous dialogue between the objective representation of digital error, both sound and visual, and its most ambiguous form. The glitch, the fulcrum of the work, is characterized not only by its more traditional forms but also by the character of the sound and the apparently error-free visual materials: the glitch is the soul of their being and the key to their composition.”

    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs HD
    Realized within an academic context
    Screened at
    Web references waltercorneli.me