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Apparatus [songmachine]

Title Apparatus [songmachine]
Year 2021
Location Bologna, Italy
Audio Simone Faraci
Video Cecilia Valagussa
Duration 03’24”
Genre animation, stop motion

“Apparatus [songmachine] represents an imaginary singing machine capable of different voices. In this piece, different techniques are used to elaborate the voice that becomes a malleable material, in constant evolution. The video,realized with stopmotion technique, is composed with simple geometric shapes in loops and overlaps that follows the structure of the music. Point, line, square, triangle are freed of their rigidity through the pictorial matter, becoming organic forms in the dark.”

Production, mix: Simone Faraci Voice: Agnese Banti Text: Publio Ovidio Nasone Mastering: Matteo Pastorello, Slowth Records Studio Artwork: Valerio Immordino Animation and video: Cecilia Valagussa Distributed by Believe Music Italia Digipur Press | press@digipur.it
Audio specs stereo
Video specs HD
Realized within an independent activity
Screened at The video has been published on YouTube in 2021, on Slowth Records channel.
Web references nstagram.com/simone.faraci/ instagram.com/ceciliavalagussa/