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    Title Apostrophe
    Year 2020
    Location Rimini (Italy)
    Audio Demetrio Cecchitelli
    Video Anna-Valeria Mykhailova
    Duration 06’06”
    Genre video art

    “Apostrophe is an audiovisual work, conceived from the poetry of Gaia Ginevra Giorgi. The piece works on the electroacoustic elaboration, presenting in six minutes concrete sounds’ transformations, environmental recordings and found sounds using granular synthesis. The video has been composed afterwards, following and preceding the sound events of the musical parts. Within the video work, it can be seen how its tripartite shape is set by video-feedbacks and chromatic textures, syncing with the audio in a sort of question-answer (image-sound, sound-image) dialogue.”

    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs HD
    Realized within an academic activity at Conservatorio Bruno Maderna, Cesena (Italy) for an exam with Annamaria Federici.
    Screened at The video has been shared on IGTV and YouTube, respectively on Demetrio Cecchitelli personal Instagram account and Mykhailova’s YouTube channel.
    Web references demetrio-cecchitelli.bandcamp.com