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Another Dream in Town

Title Another Dream in Town
Year 2018
Location Modena (Italy)
Audio Luca Perciballi
Video Mattia Scappini
Duration 04’57”
Genre video art

“A filmed performance of the electroacoustic/painting duo Fragile whose work focus on the improvised interaction between live music and painting, using a code of gestures mutuated from Paul Klee’s writing for his Bauhaus lessons.”

Produced at Ground Floor Studio (Modena) Color correction: Massimiliano Tanganelli
Audio specs stereo
Video specs HD
Realized within an independent artistic activity
Screened at Tempo Reale, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Firenze (Italy), September 2018 in occasion of “Audiovisioni Soundscape”
Web references lucaperciballi.com