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    Title Specchi
    Year 2021
    Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Bologna, Italy
    Audio Laura Agnusdei, Daniele Fabris
    Video Max van der Wal
    Duration 06’27”
    Genre Live electronics and visual art

    “Specchi is a track resulting from the collaboration between saxophone player Laura Agnusdei and sound researcher Leden (Daniele Fabris). As a duo their compositional method finds its origins into a live electronics practice, with a focus on processing and spatialisation of sax’s sound, using self-built digital devices. The video of Specchi has been composed by Max van der Wal using visuals generated by an artificial neural network trained on an eclectic collection of his photographs. Agnus x Leden’s research lives at borders between acoustic and digital domains, as well as Max van der Wal’s aesthetic merges the materiality of analog film with digital algorithms.”

    Audio specs stereo
    Video specs 4K
    Realized within an independent activity
    Screened at sonofmarketing.com
    Web references maxvanderwal.com danielefabris.com lauragnusdei.com